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Shop from Marrakesch,Germany, taken on 03.11.2014 with a Canon PowerShot SX110..
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Scheune im Nebel

Element-Wasser-Fels 3


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The Daily Pano database is a collection of panorama pictures from around the world submitted by people.Each day a different pano is shown to the public.Older panos can be viewed from the archive and be sent as Ecards. Anyone is invited to submit one or more pictures .You may submit panorama pictures of art , nature , landscapes, architecture , culture , science , history , people , astronomy or whatever you find worth to become the pano of the day.You even may submit experimental or terragen images. You must agree with our terms before submitting a picture. You do not nessecarily have to use a panorama-software to make a good pano, if you are the owner of a camera with a high resolution chip and a good wide angle lense you might be able to cut an interesting pano from the image .

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Lately more and more people are into "stitching" photographes together into panorama-pictures.This is with the help of a software like Autostitch two or more images can be put together in result of a panorama-picture (pano). In some cases, programs like Adobe Photoshop or Paintshop or other similar software are able to do this , but for best performance a software which does the stitching on itself is recommended.If you are new to this we suggest going through our archive to get an idea of the what and where.As a fact you can make good panorama pictures not only of landscapes. Buildings,roadcrossings,art,architecture,culture, science,even Insights of builings can offer scenes for a great panorama pictures.




Photographer: Rolf Kohl

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