Making a pano is easy !


Follow these instructions and within a minute you have your first pano.

For your first pano we will take 5 pictures and turn it into a pano.

1.Turn your camera 90 degrees left,so left is down and right is top.

2.Point the camera to your left ( about 45 degrees left )

3.Take a picture

4.Remember what you see on that pictures right edge.

4.Move your camera to the right so your next picture overlaps the first one at about 30 percent.

5.Take your second picture

(Here its important,that you hold the camera in the same height ,meaning dont shift the camera up or down-If you have a tripod,mount your camera to it and swing the camera from left to right.)If you have enough light (daylight or so) a tripod is not really nessecary,but gives better results.

6.Go on with the third picture in the same way.

7.When you have finished your 5th picture,download them all 5 to your PC.

8.Get a good Software,there is many out there,but we recommend - Autostich -.This Software is free for personal use and its the fastest we know of.

9.Easily load your 5 pictures into the software and youll have your pano done in seconds.(The initial settings of the autostich software are usually suitable for most situations.In some cases ( may be a fogbow ) you may need to make some adjustments to your software.

10.You probably will have dark edges now in your picture.This is normal,you must then load the image into a picture-software ( picture publisher,photoshop,ect.) and cut out a pano so that the black edges will disappear.

11. Send us your Pano ;-)


Now you can experiment,with step 1 and 2. If you have a wide angle lense,you might leave the camera in the normal position and only take 3 pictures for your pano.

If you have any comments or suggestions please mail us !



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