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The Daily Pano has been found in august 2007 . The idea is to collect good panorama pictures from around the planet in a database and  show each day a different pano to the public.Anyone can submit one or more pictures confirm with our terms.Any type of a picture can be submitted , like art , architecture , nature, culture , science , history or whatever you find worth to become the pano of the day .

A subitted picture does not nessecarily have to be created with a stitching-software , no, if you own a good camera with a high resolution , you might try to cut out a pano from a scene taken with a wide angle lens.

If you have any comments about this site or you may have interesting informations about panorama-software or techniques you are invited to mail to us. If you wish to exchange a link or submit suggestions please mail to us.

This site is a non-profit project.



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